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Tips to Prevent Gardening Back Pain

Tips to Prevent Gardening Back Pain

bigstock-Close-up-of-woman-hands-garden-99941102.jpgSpring is in full bloom, and with all the rain recently we will no doubt need to work in our flower beds or gardens.  Below are some tips to prevent any back pain from doing so.

  • Use your core.  That strong lower abdominal support you have been developing all winter in the gym is critical for when you bend over.  Remember to squat down and not just simply bend at the waist.  Doing so increases the pressure on your low and exposes the body to injury.  Coordinate your breath with your efforts.  When you breathe out on exertion you maximize the bracing efforts of your core.
  • Hydrate. Because you’re in the sun and heat, it’s important to be (and stay) properly hydrated.  Drink 64 ounces of water throughout the day.
  • When done, get up slow. Being bent over, hunched down and standing rapidly can cause one to get dizzy and light headed.  Take a moment – hold on, stand up slow, breathing out. Make sure you feel stable before taking your next step.

High five yourself because gardening is an activity and not only is it calorie-burning it is mindful and helps decrease stress.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor – a great yard and great fun.