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SoulBody Barre with Bae at the Brewery

SoulBody Barre with Bae at the Brewery

barre_brewery_bae_2017.jpgWhen I invite a guy to take a SoulBody Barre class with me, the invitation is usually dismissed with a shake of the head and a, “That’s a girls’ workout… I’m not flexible enough… maybe next time…”

I’m Nicole Doenges, a Master Trainer and Instructor of SoulBody Barre at Merritt Clubs, and I challenge our male BAES of Baltimore to try a round of barre. Come join me at Diamond Back Brewery on May 24th, or anytime at Merritt Clubs and see for yourself that this workout is not for ladies only. 

Picture this: You’re lowering into a squat, holding weights at shoulder height. Taking a breath, you go one inch lower, then back up an inch higher, then an inch lower again, and then hold at your lowest point for what feels like eternity. At the same time, you’re pushing those weights away from your body, tiny pushes, not stopping for 32 seconds. Your shoulders start to feel like they’re going to pop off your body, and you begin to wish you did more for leg day.

Sound hard? That is one small segment of the program.

If you haven’t worked out with me before, I want you to know SB Barre is a total body workout, seamlessly pulling elements from Pilates, yoga and interval weight training to sculpt the body. The whole point of barre is to take your muscles to the max, and bring the burn through tiny, mindful movements. Being aware of the tweaks in form, and awareness of engaging all the right muscles is what will make you successful in class, and in your other workouts.

Each track develops a greater range of flexibility, and builds density in your smaller muscles to support your larger muscle groups to help you lift heavy in your other workouts. Our barre workout will deliver 3 tracks to focus on building strength through your core through planks, ab lock, and floor core work. We’ll hit our triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, legs and glutes.

No matter if you’re into heavy lifting, running, or playing intramural soccer, SB Barre is a workout you will see a benefit from. And, in addition to going to a local brewery with your BAE, making her happy by trying out a workout that she loves, your donation at this event will benefit Augie’s Quest, a charity that is dedicated to finding treatments and cures for ALS. Plus, there will be other guys! You won’t be the only dude, I promise.

See you at the Barre.  (No leotard required)