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Stretch and Strengthen at the Same Time at Your Baltimore Gym

Stretch and Strengthen at the Same Time at Your Baltimore Gym

You can stretch and strengthen in less time at your Baltimore Gym when you use one exercise routine for both purposes. Check out these moves that will build up your muscles and extend your range of movement.

You probably know that it is important to train for strength and flexibility. The trouble is you may not have time for both. If you can barely squeeze in time to get through your pushups and dumbbell curls, you may shortchange yourself on stretching afterwards. The solution is to do both at the same time.

Many stretches automatically tone up targeted muscle groups. In other stretches, you can look for ways to apply resistance to tone up quicker. That can mean using your hands or a strap to add light pressure while you move in the opposite direction.

When you think about it, almost any stretch can be adapted for more power. Here are a few moves to get started.

Lunges and squats: Any variation of lunges and squats will firm up your lower body while increasing your flexibility. Your body weight alone can be enough or you can hold a weight while squatting as long as you can maintain good form.

Bows: Yoga bows are great for stretching the whole front of your body and strengthening your back. Lie on your stomach and grab your ankles. Lift your upper body and raise your legs. Beginners can use a strap to reach their ankles if needed.

Floor twist: Lie on your back with your shoulders pressed to the floor. Twist at the waist to lower both legs to one side. Use your hands to press down on your thighs as you lift them and lower them to the opposite side.

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