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Workout Your Calves at Merritt Athletic Clubs

Workout Your Calves at Merritt Athletic Clubs

Give your calves a workout at Merritt Athletic Clubs. There’s more to your legs than just your thighs, and plenty of alternative moves if you’re getting bored with the same old calf raises. These are 3 other exercises that will help you take a whole new look at shaping up your lower legs.

Most people find that their calves get plenty of daily exercise just from walking around or standing in line. The trouble is that they probably do not get enough stretching. Plus, if you’re a woman who wears high heels, your calves can shorten even more. Keep doing calf raises, but mix things up with extra moves like these:

Sitting Calf Stretch: Start out with a nice gentle stretch. Sit with your legs extended in front of you. Wrap your hand under the arch of your foot and press it back toward your ankle. To increase the stretch, straighten your leg more and lift it higher as you pull back.

Downward Dog for Calves: The best known yoga pose is great for your whole body, including your lower legs. With a few modifications, you can make it even more effective for your calves. Place your palms flat on the floor, and walk your feet back until you can comfortably hold one toe if you reach back your arm. You can put more pressure on your calves by lifting one leg at a time or resting the front of your foot on the back of the opposite ankle.

Slow Jumping: Jumping can increase flexibility and strength. Just stay safe and avoid this move if you are overweight or have knee problems. Otherwise, find a shock absorbent surface, bend your knees as you come down, and keep your knees over your feet.

Merritt Athletic Clubs is the place to shape up all over, including those body parts you may tend to forget.Contact us today to check out our videos or talk with a team member.