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Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss Tips to Remember When You’re at Work

When you’re at home, it might be easy to focus on preparing healthy meals, heading to the gym for a workout and otherwise working toward your health and weight loss goals. However, chances are good that ...
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Study Shows an Association Between Exercise and Brain Health Later in Life

For those in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, it feels like life is moving at warp speed. Between a career, household responsibilities, raising children, and other family commitments, the one thing that often gets put ...
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Healthy Lifestyle: Would You Like to Ease Cold Symptoms with Organic Products?

In the old days, adults only had to look as far as their household pantries to find the ingredients needed to combat the common cold. Case in point, let’s look at the onion. Also known ...
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7 tips for better health

Dear High school student; I’m talking with my daughter over the holidays it hit me that all of you experience the same fears and worries. As you finish your high school years and move into ...
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A Healthy Lifestyle Should Also Include Healthy Snacking

Healthy snacking is just as important to a diet and living a healthy lifestyle as is eating a healthy meal. So while reaching for a bag of chips and a soda during a break once ...
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3 Tips for Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays, it seems to have become hard to lead a healthy lifestyle because you get a lot of conflicting information from different sources.  Egg yolks are constantly going in and out of fashion.  Some health gurus ...
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Health Life Tips: Say Hello to Low Calorie, Fall Fondue Parties

Autumn holidays, like National White Chocolate Day and Halloween, don’t have to sidetrack your goal of living a healthy life. There are actually low calorie options available that make joining in on the celebrations easy ...
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Metabolic Weight Loss Versus Metabolic Syndrome

If you want to realize the full potential of metabolic weight loss, you need to protect yourself from metabolic syndrome. This cluster of conditions has been growing at an alarming rate. Fortunately, most people can ...
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Why a Fitness Routine Promotes Healthy Living and More

We all seem to fall easily into routines. Whether it be getting up and performing the same daily tasks, or following the same route to work, or setting a work routine, we do it all ...
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3 Primary Components Men Need to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

There are a variety of avenues a man can take to lead a healthier way of life, but there are three primary components that men need to live a healthy lifestyle. 
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