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Three Nutrition Tips For a Healthy Workout

Three Nutrition Tips For a Healthy Workout

bigstock-Smiling-fit-young-man-with-app-114527192.jpgWe’ve all been there! You are halfway through your workout and you feel the downward spiral. Your body is tired. Your enthusiasm has turned to mush. The end of the line looks really, really far away, and everything inside of you screams “Quit!”

The downward spiral is the worst! One way to prevent this is to focus on your diet! A meal of french fries and a milk shake before exercise is not the best idea. Try these healthy nutrition tips instead!

1. Hydrate. That is right. Everybody says you should do it, because it is true! Your body runs on water, so make sure you are putting enough into your body! You can also try eating foods packed with water. According to Muscle & Fitness, bell peppers and apples are another good way to get hydrated!

2. Eat some carbohydrates to give you a quick energy boost. According to Jill Castle, MS, RDN, good carbohydrates for athletics include whole-grain bread, pasta, crackers, and cereal. Pack a carbohydrate when you need something to help you gain energy for your Crossfit or weightlifting work out!

3. Pack a protein. When you feel like your energy is fading and rising like a rollercoaster, you need a protein boost. Protein helps you outlast a cardio work out for longer. According to “How Teen Athletes Can Build Muscle with Protein,” soy and nuts are a good source of healthy protein (and easy to carry along with you). Milk and meats are other beneficial foods.

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