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What You Need to Know About Recovering After Workouts

What You Need to Know About Recovering After Workouts


Post-workout recovery is a critical time for your body to repair and energize. Without proper nourishment, it is difficult for tissues and organs to function at an optimal level. Here’s a closer look at why post-workout recovery is so important

Enhances Performance

Some people think the soreness associated with physical training is not worth dwelling on. Symptoms like fatigue may develop down the road. This could make daily life more challenging, reducing productivity in tasks that demand concentration.

Lack of rest will even make it harder to challenge yourself. When exhausted, you may feel less motivated to run another mile or complete a set of kettlebell swings. No matter how hard you try, overtraining will reduce your performance. Slow reaction times, reduced endurance, and poor agility may occur. However, post-exercise recovery increases energy and prevents fatigue, so you’re more likely to perform well in your subsequent workouts

Maintains Homeostatic Balance

Did you know that something as little as skipping a meal could ruin your fitness results? Yes, it can disrupt hormonal balance and result in less protein synthesis. Inconsistency with food intake patterns can potentially lead to injuries in future workout sessions.

As per the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the body restores homeostasis in recovery. The term “homeostasis” describes a state of balance within the body achieved by regulating variables like temperature, blood sugar, and pH to maintain stable internal conditions.

Speeds Up Healing and Strengthens the Muscles

Physical exercise has numerous benefits that cannot be overstated. But your muscles are already tired after a strenuous workout. You must take care of them to maximize performance and avoid injury. This means refueling your body with the right nutrients, rehydrating, and giving yourself enough time to recoup. Your muscles need protein and fluids to reduce inflammation.

Inadequate rest may lead to neurological changes, poor immunity, stress, and injury. That is why the 2nd Edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans suggests breaking up weekly exercise over different days instead of doing it all in one day to reduce the risk of injury.

Merritt Clubs is the ultimate hub for smart training, nutritional coaching, and attaining better mindfulness. We know the importance of rest and recovery after a workout that we even have a recovery room available at one of the clubs. Check out our Cranbrook location which has all the tools you need for you post-exercise recovery.