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Zumba refers to a brand name for a fitness program that consists of aerobic exercises and dance routines based on the dance rhythms of Latin America. Participants learn basic and easy-to-learn moves. Complicated body poses or balance techniques are not necessary for Zumba. The program is appealing to many people due to its simplicity in movements.

Each workout session consists of highly choreographed moves with upbeat international music and salsa. Zumba is a high-energy experience that keeps you excited and yearning for the next workout session.

Zumba classes apply to people of all ages, fitness levels and genders. Various Zumba programs accommodate everyone, including Aqua Zumba, Zumba Gold, and Kid’s Zumba which are available at select Merritt Clubs locations.

Benefits of Zumba

Zumba offers mental, physical and social benefits while enhancing your focus on your goals after the workout program. The benefits of a Zumba dance program include:

1. Full Body Workout

Many workout programs target specific body parts like the legs, arms, back, and other areas of your body. Zumba engages multiple muscles in your body following footwork choreography on the leg muscles and movements of the arms. The moves tone your arm muscles, and squats tighten your core and glute muscles.

2. Improves Coordination

Dancing needs a high level of coordination to piece together choreographic dance moves. Zumba is ideal for those who want a safe space to practice their dancing skills and improve their abilities. It includes repetition of movements which makes it easy to attain body coordination.

Coordination has two significant health benefits, including preventing injuries during workouts and improving your body balance as you age.

3. Assists Your Metabolism

Zumba classes, like any other cardio workouts, can boost your metabolism. Metabolism is when your body turns what you drink or eat into energy. It sustains your body’s functions using the calories you take in. When you take Zumba classes, the body burns more calories, improving your metabolism.

Final Thoughts

Zumba classes can improve the quality of your life, and Merritt Clubs can help you attain that and more.  Contact us to learn more about the various Zumba classes we have available at our clubs.