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9 Essential Kitchen Tools to Help with Metabolic Weight Loss

9 Essential Kitchen Tools to Help with Metabolic Weight Loss

Preparing your own food gives you more control over your metabolic weight loss. However, you may need to stock your kitchen first if you’ve been living off of Chipotle and Chinese takeout until now. Take a look at these 9 essential kitchen tools for cooking light. Best of all, they won’t interfere with your budget, busy schedule or weight loss plans.

Wok: Whip up a stir fry in minutes with a wok. Electric or traditional versions can distribute heat evenly, and let you prepare everything in one place, making clean up easier too.

Steamer basket: Steaming is one of the best ways to prepare vegetables so that they hold onto more of their nutrients. It also works great for other foods like tofu or rice.

Rice cooker: Rice comes out fluffy and perfect every time with a rice cooker. Of course, brown or parboiled rice beats the white stuff.

Electric kettle: Boiling water can be the slowest part of many quick meals. An electric kettle will speed things up even more.

Blender: How else are you going to make smoothies? Of course, a blender also comes in handy for other great stuff like hummus and salsa.

Cleaver: A good cleaver or chef’s knife makes chopping ingredients less tedious. A heavy knife can do most of the work for you when you get in the groove.

Mandoline: Good looking food tastes better. You could spend hours trying to waffle cut mountains of zucchini or just get one of these magic slicers.

Microplane: Tough grinding jobs are a snap with a microplane. Enjoy ginger and lemon zest anytime.

Garlic press: Fresh garlic tastes delicious and has many health benefits. A garlic press will help you keep it off your hands and in your salad where it belongs.

Contact us for more ideas on exercise and eating to promote metabolic weight loss. Merritt Athletic Clubs is celebrating 38 years of helping people in the Baltimore area achieve their fitness goals.