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Exercise Your Options: Roll Your Way to Fabulous Abs

Exercise Your Options: Roll Your Way to Fabulous Abs

  • Exercise your options to turn ab work into fun exercise by rolling your way to fabulous abs. When you need a little extra push, rolling around makes toning your core feel like play. These are 3 of our favorite moves.

    Rolling like a ball: Sit like a ball with your knees bent and raised, your hands holding your ankles, and your chin lowered toward your knees. Gently rock down and back up using your abdominal muscles. Move slowly so your muscles do the work instead of building up momentum. When you’re ready for an extra challenge, let go of your ankles and hold your arms straight out in front of your chest or next to your ears. You can also intensify the exercise by straightening your legs while you roll back.

    Overhead leg lifts: Start out lying on your back with your legs straight ahead. Use your abdominal muscles to slowly raise your legs over your head. If you’re strong enough to avoid any strain on your back or neck, continue until you raise your bottom off the floor. Lower your legs slowly, and repeat 12 times.

    Reverse leg lifts: Granted, the overhead leg lift may be something you need to work your way up to. That does not mean you have to put off enjoying yourself. Doing the move in reverse helps to build your strength and tone your middle too. Start out with your legs overhead and lower them down to the mat by rolling down one vertebrae at a time.

    Want some more exercise ideas that will make you feel like you are having a ball? Contact us at Merritt Athletic Clubs for group classes, sports, swimming, and other fun fitness options.