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aug_blog_image_2018Make you and your mental health a priority this month. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. Focus on cutting out clutter in your life and things that cause you anxiety. We all deal with problems every day that cause us to be anxious and worry or get upset. It’s time to learn about what causes that anxiety and how to get rid of the unnecessary anxiety-drivers. Learn to let go of some of that anxiety and how to deal with everyday stressors so you can keep your mind clear and happy.


  • Take BODYFLOW or BODYCOMBAT to help clear your mind after a hard day
  • Throw out your scale if you start checking your weight obsessively. Focus on feeling good about yourself, not the number
  • Get rid of old clothes and clutter around your living spaces that you don’t need
  • Ask for help when you have a lot going on. We all need help and sometimes the smallest bit of it can make us feel calmer
  • Create a playlist for when you need to de-stress and calm down, or just check out our Spotify playlist at
  • Have a plan for when you feel anxiety start to take over your mind, whether it’s having lunch with your best friend, calling your significant other, or stopping everything to watch a funny movie

My Blog: Challenge Accepted: I’m in a Glass Cage of Emotion! – I have a lot of random stuff in my house, so I’m throwing it all out! Well not all of it, just the unnecessary stuff. It’s going to be hard but I’m pretty sure I have an extreme attachment to a lot of my junk and have been wanting to be more minimalistic for a long time. Along with that, I am going to take a dive into my everyday anxiety drivers and see how I can reduce them. I am going to practice ways to calm myself down when something upsetting happens and practice daily calming techniques.

Member Events:

  • Member Appreciation Week is August 13-17. Join us for a week of fun and frivolity where we thank you for being so awesome
  • Merritt Monday is August 6. Stop by the Welcome Desk to pick up information about how to cut the clutter and lower your anxiety level

Your Anxious-No-More Workout:

Start your day out right and try doing some morning exercises to boost your mood and guarantee a great day.