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Cookouts, vacations, celebrations, oh my! Summertime is filled with lots of events and trips that include having a cocktail or two. Here are some great tips to ward off hangovers and keep the party going:Before heading out … eat something! A stomach full of food will help slow down alcohol absorption. A few great choices are whole wheat pasta, a sandwich on whole grain bread or a stir-fry with brown rice. Also, some studies show that the amino acids and minerals in asparagus help prevent hangovers. So, go green!

At the bar … go one-for-one! Alcohol can lead to dehydration, so a great trick is to drink a full glass of water before every alcoholic drink. This will not only slow your drinking but will help prevent that next-day hangover headache.

Before going to bed … HYDRATE! Drink at least 8oz of water, sports drink, electrolyte enhanced water or coconut water to help the body rehydrate and replenish overnight. This will absolutely help you wake up feeling refreshed instead of in pain.

In the morning … smash some shells! Eggs are the unsung heroes of a good morning-after breakfast. They’re full of amino acids like taurine (boosts liver function) and cysteine (breaks down acetaldehyde, the chemical that causes headaches after drinking alcohol).

Have a great summer and party responsibly!