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Going Back to School? Why Merritt Athletic Clubs Will Help Boost Your Grades

Going Back to School? Why Merritt Athletic Clubs Will Help Boost Your Grades

bigstock-Leaning-On-Ball-Book-20770274.jpgCollege is a challenge for just about everybody, but even more so for students who have been out of the classroom for awhile. If you’re concerned about grades, there are two reasons why a regular workout at Merritt Athletic Clubs will help your performance.

A recent study by researchers at The University of Jyväskylä in Finland involved looking at the connection between cardiovascular exercise and brain function. They found that laboratory animals who regularly ran on a wheel had “two to three times more new hippocampal neurons at the end of the experiment than their sedentary counterparts.” This boost in neurons translates to better memory, and an increased ability to learn, two things that would help all college students.

Second, many students who are hands-on-learners can benefit from studying during a workout. Sitting still doesn’t mesh with some people’s learning style, and a kinesthetic learner’s brain functions better when they are in motion. These students will remember more if they bring flash cards to review while doing some resistance training, or reading while walking on the treadmill.

For students, it can feel like there’s not enough time to fit in a workout on a regular basis, but for those who want to do their best in school, it can actually help their academic performance.

If you’re headed back to school, we offer a variety of ways to workout, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy. Free weights, machines, and cardiovascular tools such as treadmills and ellipticals are always available, and open 24 hours a day in many locations, which is perfect for nocturnal students. Then, we also offer a variety of group classes which allow you to have a fun, effective workout led by a trained instructor who will push you to do your best while having fun with others.

For more information about Merritt Athletic Clubs, voted the best gym in the Baltimore area 4 years in a row, contact us.