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Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): Boxing Fit

Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): Boxing Fit


Oh man, I am so excited to tell you about this class. I got to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a comic book character.

You know in comic books (or if you’re a real nerd/cool person who knows better than me, you may call them graphic novels) when the superhero punches someone out and there is a big “POW” written above them? I felt like that superhero in this class. Hence the need for this superhero photo filter and this video of me looking incredible despite the fact that I am crying for some reason.

This month I took a 40-minute Boxing Fit class with Keittie. For all my boxing and BODYCOMBAT fans out there, this one is for you. (And me, because BODYCOMBAT is my favorite!) It’s also great for anyone who is new to boxing or hasn’t done it in a while and needs a refresher. Keittie spends time explaining each individual move before starting each set so you know exactly what you are doing and you have time to recover from the previous set.

It was perfect for me too since I hadn’t been able to take a class like this for a while and I think my form was off. I noticed one of my knees was skewing in when I did my cross punches, and since I was alone in my house I could pause and correct my form, then do the moves a little slower to focus on my core. I didn’t feel the need to keep pace with Keittie as much as I normally would have in person, so I was able to focus and develop my form better.

Another plus side of taking this class at home: when I got really hot, I just took my clothes off and did it in my underwear. They frown on that at the clubs, which makes being sweaty at home more fun.

This class was the perfect length for a mid-afternoon lunch break. I could get up, get in a little strength/cardio, and get back to work refreshed. The class had a lot of squats in it also, which helped me notice that my hip and joints were quite stiff and my muscles sore from sitting all day. It was nice to loosen those up before sitting back down to my computer.

Try out this class if you are hoping for a Wonder Woman moment of your own. Or if you are just really angry and need to fake punch someone. And if you are interested in finding a sweat-free activity with little clothing, give swimming a try! Merritt has tons of programs for people of all ages.

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