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Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): HIIT

Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): HIIT

may_blog_cover_2021H.I.I.T. – High Intensity Interval Training

I did a 38-minute HIIT workout with Amelia On Demand. Have you ever taken a HIIT class? It’s so HARD! But in a good way. 38 Minutes is definitely enough time to get your muscles screaming and your heart pumping.

I might be biased though – I feel like Amelia and I connected over the fact that we have both always wanted to be Pussycat Dolls. Let’s be real though, who didn’t want to be one?

On top of the awesome music, I also enjoyed the crazy moves we did. My favorite was the move she called “The Dorothy,” which is basically where you squat and touch the ground, then jump, touch your hands over head, and tap your toes together (see slo-mo documentation here.)

Not only did this move flair up my asthma – in a good way I guess because it only flairs up when I am doing hard cardio – it also worked all of my muscles like crazy. If I did have ruby slippers, my butt would have looked fantastic in them after that workout. Although I didn’t look too fantastic while doing it. I took photos to see how graceful I was and the results were staggering! See, this is what strong overhead lighting does to you when you are tired and covered in sweat. I look like I just found out that RegéJean Page isn’t going to be in the next season of Bridgerton, when in reality I had heard that a week before, though I am still grieving. But look how angelic I am while mid-air! Much less depressing. 


You have to try this Dorothy move. Don’t feel bad if you don’t look as professional as I am at it, you’ll get there. Give this whole class a try! Even if you are a HIIT master, you’re probably still going to be spouting cliche lines about how you are definitely not in Kansas anymore. And if you aren’t as confident as I am yet, there are tons of modification options to make it easier and lower-impact. Go try it out Toto!

Oh an one more thing, if you find yourself eating your feelings after this terrible Bridgerton loss like I have and need some help getting back on track, try out our Nutrition and Wellness Programs. We offer one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and virtual as well.

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