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tribe team training

Toned, Strong, Powerful

When Tribe Team Training came to Merritt Clubs a few years ago, I fell in love with everything: the unique exercises and formatting of the sessions, the team and coaches, the massive improvements I saw ...
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Trainer Q&A: Get Results This New Year

Hello 2019! With every new year, we hear about new resolutions, new goals, new plans. We see that with gyms being packed in the month of January. Everybody is eager to start a new journey and ...
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Trainer Q&A: Surpassing Limits and Keeping Things Simple

Sometimes you just want to hear straight from the pros – so welcome to a new series on the Merritt Clubs blog! Every month we will chat with one of our trainers as they impart ...
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How to Get Motivated After a Vacation

I was on vacation and missed my Tribe Team Training sessions for a whole week. The only exercise I did was ride a bike twice on the boardwalk.  I spent the days on the beach ...
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Anyone Can Do It

I’m three weeks into Tribe Team Training and I am loving it.  I am going on vacation next week and I am really feeling anxious that I am going to miss my sessions for that ...
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Week 2 of Tribe

So I made it through my first week of Tribe Team Training and I have to say, once I get over the initial soreness I feel great.  I am already down 3 pounds! This is ...
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I Mean it This Time

I mean it, I am REALLY doing it this time! So I have written about Tribe Team Training and talked about how wonderful it is, always thought, “This is great I am going to do ...
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Back in the Workout Saddle

Remember me? I’m back. I was so excited with my Tribe workouts a few months ago.  I have to admit, my job got very busy and I haven’t been going to the gym regularly.  The New Year ...
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I am IN

I am IN!!!!
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Alternative to Personal Training

I’ve been working out for 20 years or more and always thought I knew what I was doing.   I didn’t need any help.  Okay, well that may have been true in my 20’s but now ...
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