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TribeCOREWhen Tribe Team Training came to Merritt Clubs a few years ago, I fell in love with everything: the unique exercises and formatting of the sessions, the team and coaches, the massive improvements I saw during each six-week season. I didn’t participate in sports growing up. So for the first time ever, I found myself working out alongside others and actually achieving more personally as a result of the encouragement (and, at times, friendly competition) from my teammates.

TribeFIT challenged me and allowed me to see there was an inner athlete inside me all along. TribeLIFE helped me build strength through a variety of exercises that were new to me. And as someone who has worked as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for almost 10 years, I didn’t think there were any moves out there I didn’t know! So when a certification weekend was announced, I jumped at the chance to move from Tribe participant to Tribe coach.

Perhaps the best thing about the certification weekend was that I got to see the new program, TribeCORE, in action. CORE totally exceeded my expectations. If you think it will be just 60 minutes of crunches, think again! CORE worked my belly, butt, back and shoulders. The exercises ranged from simple to complex and used a variety of equipment including TRX suspension straps, fit balls, bands, dumbbells, and more. Core work is usually something I push until the end of a workout and often find myself saying, “Oh look at the time! Guess I can’t do abs today.” If core ever did make it into my workout, it was just an added bonus. But just one TribeCORE session showed me how important core strength is to my overall health and how a CORE season could improve all areas of my own fitness.


How much better could my deadlift be after a season of CORE? Maybe I can finally increase my weight in the Body Pump shoulder track? I bet I could cycle faster if my core was stronger. And of course, after having two kids, I welcome anything that will tone up my mid-section!

Maybe you are not like me and you already have a core routine you do often. I challenge you to try a season of CORE anyway. Just like other Tribe programs, each season of CORE is progressive, meaning the exercises you perform in the first week will be built upon in the following weeks and not just in terms of increasing reps or load. The exercises will become more complex, layering new techniques over those you have already mastered. Outside of the assessment at the beginning and end of each season, you will never repeat a workout. And you can be sure the following season will bring a brand new batch of exercises formulated to help you reach new levels of fitness for yourself.

Tribe certification allowed me to peek behind the curtain and see just how much work, research, and training goes into each Tribe season. Whether you choose to participate in FIT or CORE, or whether you are new to fitness or call Merritt your second home, you will see remarkable changes in just six weeks! I hope you answer the call to join your Tribe!

Interested to try TribeCORE or TribeFIT? Merritt Clubs will be conducting free trial sessions the week of September 16, 2019. Click here to sign up.