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Diary of a Fitness Newbie: I Came In Like a Wrecking Ball

Diary of a Fitness Newbie: I Came In Like a Wrecking Ball

Hi there loyal followers! ‘Tis I, the not-so-new-at-this-anymore fitness newbie! What class did I take this time you may ask? Well I took TWO! *Gasp* It’s getting crazy in here. Sorry, I’m just so awesome now that taking one new class wasn’t enough of a challenge.

Well enough of that nonsense. Let me tell you about the classes. First I will tell you about Power Yoga, which you may remember from my post about SoulBody Power, that I wanted to take this class, then got too scared because it said it was for advanced fitness levels. Well I did it! And turns out it wasn’t so bad!

To sum it up, it was just like the MotionVibe description says, faster yoga with more strength poses. The instructor was very focused on the Chaturanga movement, like a lot of instructors are. We spent a lot of time doing that to strengthen our arms. And there was a lot of leg strength poses that had my muscles on fire. But I killed it! It was hard, but definitely doable. It wasn’t as relaxing as I like yoga to be, but it helped strengthen my poses. I would recommend it to people who like yoga and want to get better at holding different positions. I was definitely sore in my arms for a few days, which doesn’t happen as often anymore. But it was a success! Power Yoga, check.

progress_blog_10.jpgMe struggling with a yoga stretch. Streching is hard.

The other class I took was CXWORX. Before we even went into the classroom, the instructor came out and handed out equipment and talked to all the people who had never done it before about what to expect in the class. (Like I really need that anymore though… I’M A PROFESSIONAL CLASS TAKER!) Then we started and before I knew it, the class was over! It’s only a 30 minute class so it went fast. It was one of those classes that is difficult and straining but then switches muscle groups just when you are about to give up. My muscles were tired but I didn’t have any trouble with the class. There was someone next to me who clearly had never taken the class before and was really struggling. I’m not sure if the class is actually fairly easy or I am just crazy awesome/strong now. (Or maybe I just took it easy and should have done the harder versions of each exercise that she suggested but pretended I didn’t hear.)

My take-aways: Power Yoga is for people who know/like yoga, are fairly confident in most of the normal poses and want to get stronger. CXWORX is good for everyone, especially people who don’t have much group fitness experience and want to try it. Or someone who doesn’t have a ton of time and just wants to get a good, fast workout in. It is a good class to test out your strength and make it harder or easier on yourself for each exercise.

I also decided to just go for a normal boring run outside the other day because it was crazy nice outside. I totally forgot how fun that can be! I really hate treadmills and sometimes just working out around other people is annoying so I decided to do a long run to Merritt, do some strength training there, and then run home. I have been taking so many classes lately, I forgot how nice it was not to have to rush to the gym and get there at a certain time. I typically don’t run outside that much because I suck at it, and being a woman is kinda scary running by yourself in the city, especially at night. But it was actually really nice, not having it scheduled out. (Of course I got really winded after like 1.5 miles because running is hard and I had snot dripping out of my face because you know, allergies). But it’s a good reminder that switching it up is fun and keeps me on my toes. It also keeps me in shape in case I do come across something sketchy when I am running at night, I will be fast enough to just run away! So yay doing different workouts!

Class taken: Power Yoga @ Canton with Jermain and CXWORX @ Canton with Julie

Goals to achieve: Touch toes (check!)

Get killer abs (I don’t even know anymore)

Be healthier (always a work in progress)

Try the last few classes I haven’t done yet

Quote about staying healthy in any situation:

“I’m cried out but I want to cry more, so I’m re-hydrating.” – Leslie Knope