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Diary of a Fitness Newbie: Oh I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Diary of a Fitness Newbie: Oh I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Holy dance moves Batman!

Okay, so maybe BODYATTACK isn’t really dancing, at least presumably not compared to Zumba or BODYJAM. But it is still a very fast-paced choreographed routine that I was not great at. And when I say not great, I mean everyone in the class was basically a professional and I just tried not to break my face.

cardio queen

Editor’s note: The photo of the author attempting to do BODYATTACK was too painful to look at so please enjoy this animated gif of her finding some alternate cardio fun.

It was mostly a cardio routine that involved a lot of high knees, jumping jacks, and random movements that made me look like I didn’t know what I was doing. Luckily, I was able to keep up with the cardio because I’ve taken a lot of classes now. And even though I had no idea what I was doing, I have come to realize that if I just stand in the back and try to keep up, I can usually figure out mostly what I am doing by half way through the class.

It’s actually given me a lot of confidence! Even though I sign up for a new class thinking “All the other new people in this class will be happy I’m there to make the biggest fool of myself so no one will notice them looking like fools,” it’s usually fine and I know that I can do it, even if I can’t do it well. And also, everyone is too worried about not dying of exhaustion to care about what is going on with anyone else.

My favorite part of the class was when we all ran in a big circle around the room because that’s when I had a chance to get some wind under my sweaty armpits and I didn’t have to coordinate with the music. Per my usual, I stood in the back of the class, and I think the people I stood behind happened to be really good BODYATTACKers so it threw my confidence off. But that’s what this whole experience is about right? Trying new things I’m not confident about and learning what I like, even when I feel nervous at first. I think I would like this class if my body could figure out how to coordinate with music better or I could learn enough of it to jump back into it after a few weeks off from it.I like going to different classes every week so I never get bored. This class definitely was great if you don’t want an opportunity to be able to slack, but if you’re uncoordinated like me, it takes more practice. But I talked to the instructor Jax, and she really motivated me to try again! She is going to show me some moves before class starts next time and I think that will help me understand it better. I think part of what I am learning in doing all of these classes is that I won’t always feel comfortable or enjoy every minute of every class, but that my real goal should be being comfortable with the fact that I won’t always be comfortable with it all. And that it takes time to get better! And that it’s very different for everyone so what I like/am naturally good at might be different from someone else so I can’t really rely on what they say about a class, I just have to try it for myself! Also, I need to bring a bigger water bottle next time so I don’t accidentally die of dehydration…


Class taken: Les Mills BODYATTACK @ Fort Ave with Jacqueline “Jax” Stone

Goals to achieve: Touch toes (check!)

            Get killer abs (working on it)

            Be healthier (always a work in progress)

            Try some of the classes that scare me most

What’s going on in my head before I sign up for a class:

“Me: I should really get to the gym and start eating better.

Also Me: You can eat spaghetti on the go if you put it in an ice cream cone”