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June_blog_photo_1Join the water revolution and commit to a daily water intake! Water has limitless benefits, including promoting weight loss, healthier skin, more cushion on your joints, making sure your body functions at all on a hot day, and so many more!

Drinking a glass of water before you start your day helps prevent morning dehydration. Hydration is also vital for exercise, so keep the water flowing to maximize your performance. According to, here are some consequences of dehydration.


And along with drinking water, we want to make sure we are conscious of our impact on the earth with how many water bottles we throw away. Make sure to get yourself a reusable bottle before you work out and stay hydrated!


  • If you’re not a fan of H2O, buy a water bottle with an infuser and fill with fruits to flavor your water.
  • Mark your water bottle with a drinking schedule to ensure you reach your daily goal.
  • Try a water calculator to calculate how much water you should be drinking per day.
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal to help you feel fuller and cut down on over-eating.
  • Substitute one drink per day for water.
  • Eat more fruit and other foods that naturally carry water.
  • Try Hot Yoga or SPRINT to sweat it out and make you thirsty!

My Blog: Challenge Accepted: Water You Talking About? – I hate drinking water!!! Don’t get me wrong, I like water, but I don’t like the effect it has on my body – as in, I don’t like having to stop and go to the bathroom all the time when I drink a lot of water. But I drink way too little water and I have been worried that I need to be drinking more. I calculated that I need to drink 100oz per day, so we will see how it goes…

Member Events: Merritt Monday is June 4 – Grab your water bottle and come to the club to sweat it out with us as we celebrate our love of H2O!

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