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Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): PiYo

Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): PiYo


Calling all yoga lovers who want a little more from their workouts!

Calling all fitness newbies who need a good workout they can keep up with!

Calling all people looking for something fast-paced but low impact!

PiYo is for you. I took a 45-minute PiYo On Demand class with Aimee, and for those who haven’t tried it yet, PiYo is a combination of Pilates and yoga. It’s basically yoga, but much faster and with lots of movement designed to sculpt your body.

This class was great for me and my easily distracted brain. I often get bored when working out or just think about how much I want it to end – I didn’t with this class! It was fast-paced without complicated movements so it was easy to keep up. The movements amped me up rather than expended all my energy – it would make a great workout to start the day with!

Not only was it not long and tedious, but it also didn’t have me heavy breathing either. I was able to work my muscles while also loosening them, making my body feel relaxed and alert! I really enjoyed this mix of flexibility and strengthening, like I was simultaneously getting a workout in and recovering from it.

It helped my sore hip and other joints loosen up, and helped me practice with tightening my core, something I have always struggled with. If you have never experienced PiYo before, check out my time-lapsed video of the entire workout. You can see that it was all bodyweight exercises, so no equipment necessary other than a mat!


Also, please do not ignore the hilariously dorky family portrait on my wall, I think a good dog glamor shot is always a mood booster, not to mention inspirational.

I think this workout is a great idea for anyone who is new to working out or is trying to get back into working out after taking a break. I could see this being a helpful step, especially this year if you had COVID or were just very sedentary, in working back up to more intense cardio. If you had COVID this year though and need a little extra guidance, Merritt has a COVID-19 Recovery Program for you to check out!

So give PiYo a try, you may love it. You may even love it so much you want the world to learn about it so you record yourself doing it, turn it into a TikTok tutorial video, become famous for your amazing content featuring dog glamour shots, and make a million dollars. AIM HIGH!

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